About Wintech



Wintech started its activity in 1980 manufacturing upvc profiles required by construction industry with a wide range of dimensions and section under the brand name of wintech and it is now over 3 decades these products have been supplied in the consumer markets of different countries.

Standard raw materials and use of the best equipment  and benefiting from highly skilled and accomplished  manpower in  production mechanism as well  as supervision on sales centers supplemented by provision of technical services in addition to after sales support bring wintech profiles among highly regarded products in the word market while ensuring consumer satisfaction.

To provide most favorable services to the consumers of its products, this company operates upvc manufacturing plants in Germany, Ukraine, India, Azerbaijan and Tunisia in addition to its plants stocks and sales offices in turkey and has also launched sales offices and stock in 54 countries throughout the world.

Since wintech products have been selling in the Iranian market over the past several years after meticulous feasibility studies and having fully identified Iranian consumers demands the company management decided to launch a upvc production plant in Iran in mid-2010 and the first phase of this plant constructed on land with an area of 36000  square meters and a shop floor area of 16000 square meters in Tabriz started production in November 2011 supplying a wide range of standard upvc products required by the industry.

Technology – Machinery
In addition to choosing the best possible raw materials. WINTECH uses the highest level of technology and state of the art machinery in the production in the production process, combined with management skills, which play a very important role in quality of finished products. All machinery used in our facilities are made by world renowned KRAUSS MAFFEI Company of Germany and SINSINATI Company of Austria. Both of these companies are known as the best Extrusion machinery manufactures in the world.


Production Process & Products
All raw materials and additives are mixed together with the help of digital mixers. These mixers are Precise in measuring weights. In prodution process, different steps of cold and warm mix with waiting times in between are applied, then final products go through extrusion and formating machines, and after cooling in cold water tanks and packaging, are ready for market.

Raw Material
UPVC is the main raw material in manufacturing of doors and windows. UPVC is the abbereviated from of UNPLASTICISED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE, wich consists of almost 85% POLYVINYL CHLORIDE or as commonly known PVC Powder. UPVC is a polymeric material made from 57% salt based and 43% petroleum based materials. In addition to these materials, to improve Fracture resistance, Lubricants to insure the smoothness of material surfaces and Titan Heat Resistance Materials to prevent color loss when the material is exposed to heat and UV Ray. UPVC is enviromentally friendly and recyclable. In constant check on formulation of chemical composition with respect to highest standards.
Quality Control
All WINTECH products, are tasted in WINTECH labs and go through different tests befor introduction to market to insure the best possible quality. This is a partial list of different tests done on WINTECH products prior to packaging and marketing:
1) Profile Boiling Point Test 5) Cold Brittleness Resistance Test up to -40 C
2) Color Change Test against UV ray 6) Physical Dimensions Precision Test
3) Shock Resistance Test in below zero temperature 7) Color Transparency Test
4) Heat Resistance Test up to 150 C 8) Surface Smoothness Degree Test